Rock’n’rolling! Writing songs, singing them. From Alternative Rock to Blues and Folk, M. Mert Güney creates music in a wide range to tell his life-inspired tales. Stories become lyrics, melodies carry the emotions and he presents it all with an energetic and captivating live performance.

Besides his solo career, he is the front-man of the band “South of Blue” which he founded in the beginning of 2016.


Born into a small but multicultural city with a diverse art scene, in Turkey, he had the opportunity to meet with music in his early childhood. After graduating from a city conservatory and two private courses, he founded his first professional band in 2007 and played in many different projects and events.

In 2015, he moved to Chemnitz, Germany for post-graduate education. After moving to Chemnitz, he has quickly taken his place in art and culture scene of the city. In the beginning of 2016 he founded the band “South of Blue” and they published their first album in May 2016. This was only the beginning of a road leading to countless shows, cultural events and awards. With his band, he has published two albums and one EP up to now.

Independent from other projects, he has been giving concerts as a solo artists for many years. In 2019, he has started to work on his solo project professionally. The first single of the project came out in November 2019 and it’s been followed by another single and a video in the beginning 2020. The Debut-EP “Lepiska” is released in November 2021.

  • “End of the Night” – Single – February 2024
  • “Soulblind” – EP – July 2023
  • “Not Getting Any Better” – Single – January 2023
  • “Lepiska” – EP – November 2021
  • “Home Recordings” – Cover Album – May 2021
  • “Troubled Heart” – Single – January 2020
  • “Art for Sex” – Single – November 2019
  • “Shall We Dance?” – EP – South of Blue – November 2018
  • “Rote Learning” – Album – South of Blue – November 2017
  • “Blue Motel” – Album – South of Blue – May 2016